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Facebook Upload Yourself is a powerful application that serves to upload photos to Facebook in batch mode and to update your status from the comfort of your desktop. It comes across as a reliable alternative to the traditional method of handling uploads, as it eliminates the need of a browser. What’s more, it can maneuver multiple accounts between which you can switch seamlessly. Right after installation, Facebook Upload Yourself becomes available in the system tray through a panel that allows you to launch the photo uploader or the status updater. However, before you proceed to one of these actions, you should configure at least one Facebook account using the Settings window. The upload process is a breeze, as it is carried out through a simple dialog where you can add all the photos from a folder of choice and even more, to filter the items present in this directory by size, type, age and resolution. Each photo can be accompanied by a custom description, which will be posted alongside the corresponding image. The uploader can also be called from the context menu of Windows Explorer when you right-click a photo of interest. More options related to uploading are present in the Settings dialog, where you can apply text or image watermarks with custom font, text and border colors. On the other hand, the status updater allows you to insert links or custom text, which can be enriched with the aid of the built-in emoticons. The changes are recorded as soon as you press the ‘Update’ button with a negligible delay. The overall impression that Facebook Upload Yourself makes is that of a versatile uploader that definitely outperforms the possibilities of the traditional browser based method. With a minimal footprint on system resources and a low learning curve, this program addresses all users who want to a shift to a more modern way of handling Facebook uploads.

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